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Stay holy

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 16 May 2012

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  • Wasting seed uses up a lot of of the bodies energy this has many physical manifestations.
  • People who are pogem the bris are always tired and need more sleep.
  • There is spiritual energy all over the place.
  • A special part of the brain is designated to receive these signals.
  • However the information entering from the five senses is so strong that it blocks out the spirituality.
  • A person who studies torah keeps halacha and meditates can feel spirituality very strongly.
  • Even a regular person can feel spirituality to some degree. A person should be able to feel a difference on Shabbat.
  • Someone who is pogem habris loses almost all his ability to perceive kedusha.
  • One also loses his desire to study Torah and do mitzvos.