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Status of Avodah Zorah

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 16 May 2012

All Jews are mandated to fight the particular Avodah Zorah manifested in each particular era. Perhaps if this particular "sexual" addiction is reduced to the generic "status" of Avodah Zorah it will be easier to face and dismiss. The objective of "the other side" is to tempt, demoralize and depress us after having robbed us of self-respect, and thereby separate us from Torah and Hashem. This is true of all types of addiction to activities prohibited by the Torah. Just as we marvel today at generations past having been tempted by Avodah Zorahs for which we presently have no affinity, so can we tackle the present day Avodah Zorahs that afflict us, with the confidence that we too will look back in relief, having overcome them and having no remaining reside of affinity for them. Wishing everyone an easy fast and great success in the New Year in all matters of gashmiut and ruchniut!