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Recovery Football

obormottel Thursday, 18 September 2014

Football is a game played by men
Gotta run, hit da ground and get up again
Preparation durin' the week is a definite must
- and so it is with recovery from lust.

Gotta shvitz, gotta train, muscles to build
Otherwise, you gonna get killed
Guys on the other side can be pretty tough
Scrownin' and growlin' their looks pretty gruff

If you ain't prepared and you're just skin and bone
Da coach (memories) will bench you - you'll be sittin' alone
you go on that field with a sly silly smile
Cornerback will kick you - for at least half a mile

And so it is when we wake up each morn
And that desire hits - I wanna watch porn
Are you prepared? Did you work on the steps?
Or were you preoccupied with women and sex?

The ultimate goal is to score a touchdown
But a cheerleader, a mascot, or a silly clown
Won't get you those points if you're in the band
Playin' the game with the ball in your hand

Yippee I, yippee o; Go team go!
Silly jumpin' jacks - performin' a show
Makes you feel good - but it takes no courage
Unless you join the big boys on the line of scrimmage.

It may be a sport, but it ain't for no patsies
No style points awarded - unlike the Grammies
All men are welcome to don the uniform and helmet
Work hard and get ready - you won't get the hatchet.

While the ultimate prize is one hundred yards
It's a large playin' field - must always be on guard
Can't do it all at once with a heave and a bomb
Do it methodically - must remain calm

Several yards at a time - over and over
Focused and vigilant - can't afford a turnover
Accumulate first downs - your opponent gets weary
Every ounce of confidence - it begins to get scary

Again and again - you knock him to the dirt
he's left starin' at the sky - bloodied & hurt
Not sure on the nimshal, but one thing's certainly known
To score points - you gotta get outta your comfort zone.

If you keep at what's easy - it'll be good for a while
But eventually you'll return to your old lifestyle
Try somethin' new - that you won't necessarily like
for otherwise, you will have that same old psych

Lust that's inside of us - it wants the big fix
"Connect with me; make me whole" - we were true addicts
Reality driven inward - the connection was magic
the remorse and emptiness - the cycle was tragic

End on a high note - the super bowl shuffle
One can get there - if his feathers he does ruffle
And yet, the focus gotta remain on the play that's ahead
and that decision is really a "life or death"


The ultimate prize is winning the Super Bowl!
How do you do that?
By getting to the Super Bowl.
How do you do that?
By winning your playoff games.
How do you do that?
By getting to the playoffs.
How do you do that?
By winning your division (or wild card).
How do you do that?
By winning games.
How do you do that?
By winning today's game.
How do you do that?
By scoring more points than your opponent.
How do you do that?
By scoring right now (td, fg, etc.)
How do you do that?
By putting together a drive.
How do you do that?
By getting first downs.
How do you do that?
By converting this first down.
How do you do that?
By gaining positive yards....this very play.

It's all about this moment! Not the play before; not the play after this one.

This second...focus on making a positive play!

[Let the coach/God worry about the next play and the one afterwards; that's not your job!]