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Realm of Kedoshim

Yosef C. in SA sent me something he heard on the words: "Acharei Mos, Kedoshim"

GYE Corp. Thursday, 12 January 2012

"Any yid can reach to a point where any 'not good' is acharey, behind him. Then his avoda can be in the realm of kedoshim"

Other one-liners that Yosef C. sent me:

  • It's a high anxiety time of year... I'm a gonner without Hashem"s help, and I'm beyond grateful that He's 100% accessible. "G-d please help me stay connected to you, in all matters".
  • A friend has a sign on his desk.. "Be realistic; Expect miracles!"
  • The Rebbe said, "in this generation, not only can we rely (somech) on miracles, we must(!) rely on them, with the same effort we rely (somech) our hands on a korban"... Endlessly inspiring words.