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Real Kapparah

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 11 January 2012

V'assei ess chatascha v'ess olasecha v'chapeir ba'adcha uv'ad ha'am. (9:7)

Quotes from Dov:

"Hashem led me to Fall with an aveira so that I should realize how low I am & get a jolt. That is what got me into Recovery."

"When my Recovery includes Step 12, I'm making my aveira into a zchus!"

I wouldn't have been able to help others if I wouldn't have fallen myself!

V'assei ess chatascha - Hashem led me to my Aveira,

v'ess olasecha - to reach a way for me to rise up!

v'chapeir ba'adcha - it will be a kappara for me...

uv'ad ha'am - 'cuz I can now better help others out of their aveiros too!