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Part of the process

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Jack" Posted:

To the people that think they are not doing well because they are still falling: it is a process. In the beginning of the process, you think you're not doing well because you still fall. But falling and getting up is PART OF THE PROCESS. What do you think, you start right away with no falls? I fell for 38 years, until I finally, finally, was ready to stop falling. Have patience, and you WILL SUCCEED. In the yomim noraim davening it says "ad yom MOSO techakeh lo letshuva - until the day of his death, he waits for him to do Teshuvha". I hope it doesn't take you as long as it took me, but be prepared for the long haul, and be prepared that it's going to be hard. And don't think about tomorrow.

"Mevakesh" Responds to "Jack":

Dear Jack. I read your words, and it brings tears of joy to my eyes and heart! Just a few months short ago you didn't believe that you could change. You thought the Yetzer Hara had you in his wicked net forever! Yet, with hard work, Emunah and perseverance, you are here today a changed man, telling others that IT CAN BE DONE!!!

WOW! You are awesome Jack! A real Tzaddik!

"Jack" Responds to "Mevakesh":

Dear mevakesh until 120, may Hashem shower you with blessings ad bli dai! As you know, I agree with everything you said except one thing - I dont think that you should call me a tzadik. I really look for the truth and i'm really not a tzadik - just trying to be one.

Response to "Jack" from GYE:

Jack it, won't help you. "Trying to be one" is what ALL Tzadikim do :-) Listen to this, I once heard an amazing vort. It says - "Zeh Hashar laHashem Tzadikim Yavo'u Vo - This is the gate to Hashem, Tzadikim will enter in it". The question is, WHAT IS "Zeh Hashar"? The answer is found in Pasuk before that says "Pischu li Sharei Tzedek avo vum Odeh Ka - Open for me the gates of righteousness, I shall enter them and praise Hashem"... When a person feels that he is still outside the gates and is begging Hashem to let him in saying: "Pischu Li" then "Zeh Hashar" -that precisely IS the "Shar" (gate) to Hashem of all true Tzadikim. (But those who feel they already ARE Tzadikim are missing the boat :-)