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Our struggle is like a baseball team

GYE Corp. Thursday, 22 March 2012

Our struggle is like a baseball team, it's us playing against the other team (the Yetzer Hara). Although we try to win every game, that's super rare. The key is for us to win a lot more than the amount of games we lose.

A winning streak puts us on fire (and the more days we remain clean, the more invigorated we feel). And sure, if we lose a game after a winning streak, we get upset - but we don't give up! We have to get up and try again the next game. Although breaking a winning streak can break the momentum we built up, it doesn't mean we lost the season. It's just a small setback.

However, after losing a string of games, we feel demoralized. But here's where the similarities end. You see, the difference is, that in sports there are a limited number of games that don't go on past one year, so if they lose too many games, they are really out of the playoffs and they end their season. However for us, even if we lose many battles, we have many more years ahead of us (until our deaths), and we are never out of the game until we die.

As long as we're alive, it's never too late to stop losing and start winning!