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Off to Basic Training

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Chazal tell us that at the end of days when haKadosh Baruch Hu will slaughter the Yetzer, all of those who actually see it will cry: the (various) tzaddikim will cry out of joy, as they will see it as a huge mountain and they will say, "How did I ever succeed at conquering that mountain?" whereas the reshaim will see it as A STRAND OF HAIR and they will cry and say, "That's it? That's all I had to overcome?" and they will cry out of pain and frustration that they couldn't over come it.

I don't say this to "give mussar", I know just how difficult it is to overcome that STRAND OF HAIR when you are addicted to it. I'm saying this for one reason: know your enemy.

When an army goes to battle they (quickly) plan out the method of attack, but they do it based on who the enemy is; what is the enemy territory? what is the methodology of the enemy? his strengths and weaknesses? troop number? etc.

Well, from what I've gathered here on the forum, and from the people who have responded to my posts, I see that you are all very battle-worn, you know the enemy, and you tell me that the 12 steps is the method of attack.

So.... I'm off to basic training! I'm going to join one of GYE's 12-Step phone conferences be"H!