Saturday, 21 January 2012

No Freedom Without Torah

by Steve (See all authors)

Guys, did you know Shavuos is right around the corner? I feel so unprepared - Hashem has been sending me a gazillion messages that I should get back into a regular learning schedule. We want FREEDOM from lust, right? Well, as the writing on the Luchos teaches us ("charus al ha'luchos"), there is NO CHAIRUS (FREEDOM) WITHOUT TORAH!!

The 12 Step program will help us get free to a certain extent, BUT WITHOUT TORAH we could never become FULLY FREE from our desires, our "self" and our Yetzer Hara.

Some "second-look" urges have been getting stronger lately, and I know I need Torah nutrition to have the strength to fight them, using the tools from the 12 Steps.

I started by looking over Pirkei Avos during the weekdays also. Simple to read, small sized bites with a LOT of nutrients, and always accessible everywhere a siddur is found.

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