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Feeling the Grace

GYE Admin Monday, 02 January 2017

Dear child,

You ask why

From up high

I send you test after test

With no rest

No time to breath

To be at ease

Why so alone

Everything on your own

My child,

Sometimes it seems

Like a constant fight

Sometimes it seems

Like there's not enough might

Like whatever you do

It'll never be enough

It'll never get easier

But will continue to be tough

But my child

I'm always with you

I'm with you in

Whatever you do
It seems like there's no purpose

No reason to live

There is, my child

It's yours to give

When it seems never ending

It's to make you stronger

Whilst you know you're failing

Instead getting weaker

Coz' it'll continue on

Until you learn

That my love

You don't need to earn

My child

When it seems never ending

Like all is darkness

When you feel you're moving

Further and further away

Know that

You're never alone

I'm always with you

There is a purpose to it all

Even though you can't see it now

When you wonder why

You haven't given up

Know that

Although you can't see it

There is purpose

There is reason

There is meaning to it all

And although it seems impossible

You can get to another side

Because, precious one

You're never alone

I'm with you

Holding your hand

Guiding you

I wish I could always choose for you


I watch as you fall

I see you trip up

And my tears

Mingle with yours

I can never do your work

For it's yours to do

Your life to live

And one day you'll see

That you were never alone

You'll see how constantly falling

You'll see how battling life

Has made you into

Who you are

It'll teach you how to

Constantly climb

To know how precious life is

How much it means that you're here

The light will be more special

Than if it was always yours

You'll instead turn the need to give it over

To me, to G-d, instead of to those

Who can never fill the need

You'll love yourself, with your flaws

For being you

And learn boundaries, live with boundaries

That you'll never have known had to be there

If you hadn't always broken them

You'll be able to give to others

To love them

Those who try your patience

Who make you want to scream

You'll know how to live

How to just be

For you've seen the other side

And you, my child

Can get there

Throughout the dark

There's always a light

You can and will find it

If you just keep on going

And trying to do the next right thing

You don't have to succeed

Every moment of the day

You don't have to succeed


You just have to try

And your success is up to me

I know you don't want to hear that

It's yours to try

And mine to give

You're not alone

And the other side

Is worth aiming for

Don't give up

Along the way

I know how much of a fight it is

But you can do it

When you think you can't take another step

Just take one more step

If you don't give up

You'll get there

And will see for yourself

That it's worth it

That you're worth it

That you can get there

That you'll always be, my child