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Most intense spiritual connection

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 15 May 2012

If you struggle a lot with intense desire, it means you have a lot of emotional / spiritual energy in you. It is the people like you that have the capacity for the most intense spiritual connection with G-d. However, you need to learn to channel this energy in the right way. Channel it into your prayer, you will be amazed how uplifting it can become! Do mitzvot with joy, learn Torah with passion! Most religious people today serve G-d like an alarm clock, they turn on, they turn off. But they remain dead inside, like a clock - an inanimate object. You were given a gift by G-d. The struggles you experience are really just the vibes of your soul, striving for true love of G-d. Your divine service can be so much more than average... Breath your emotional energy into your divine service - bring your heart to life!