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It's worth the wait

obormottel Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A 15 year old boy writes:

It's like waiting FOREVER till I actually have an opportunity to touch a female, even my wife?!

GYE responds:

Time passes faster than you can imagine. Meanwhile, focus on growing. Sex is optional, we may want it very much, but we can live fine without it. The less we feed it, the less we need it.

These years of learning to "hold back" are what build up our character so that we can later be good husbands, good fathers, and good Yidden.

Life is a challenge. It's not a picnic.

Ask Hashem for help each day. Read the chizuk emails each day.

In the zechus of holding back, Hashem will send you a wonderful shidduch one day be"h.

The Steipler says that any pleasure we could have had that was assur, Hashem makes sure we get it in some other way.

One day you will have Shalom Bayis, a good wife, a good parnassa, good children, with Hashem's help.

But if we don't hold back and take "forbidden pleasure," ch'v, Hashem could chas veshalom take away the other pleasures of life. People today get diseases, struggle with livelihood, with shalom bayis, so many problems!!

We can have so much pleasure in life if we learn to hold back from forbidden pleasures. People who give in are NEVER HAPPY. People who learn to hold back find TRUE HAPPINESS and are not slaves to their desires.

So keep strong and keep happy always!