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Is the Battle Lost?

GYE Corp. Sunday, 11 December 2011

There was a recent article in the Mishpacha dealing with the terrible nisyonos of the internet. It was called "Is the Battle Lost?". Click here to download the article. One of our members (known as "Yurojew") sent in the following reply to Mishpacha, which we hope they will publish:

Kudos to Rabbi Weinrib for writing about the nisyanos of the internet "yet again." In response to Rabbi Weinrib's question "Is the battle lost?" I would answer a resounding "No." How can I be so confident? Because I am one of the many balabatim who has been nichshal from the nisayon of the internet. But happily I can say, that with Hashem's help, I found hope and the ammunition to fight this battle in the form of thewebsite, The founders of this wonderful website are literally saving Klal Yisroel's nishomos and turning the tide in the battle. The website offers an arsenal of weapons with which to fight the Yetzer Hara in this battle for our souls. To list all ofthe benefits in a short letter to the editor would not do the marvelous work of this website justice (Mishpacha would be well-advised to devote an entire article to the site). I will however write a few.

First, the site provides an anonymous forum in which users can seek advice and discuss their problems. In contrast to the nisayon of shemiras shabbos which our grandparents fought out in the streets, the battle of the nisyanos on the internet takes place in the privacy of one's home or office. The shame in admitting that a person has a problem even to a Rov, makes the nisayon all the more harder. By providing anonymity, the site overcomes this major hurdle. Moreover, people that were nichshal see that they are not alone and that there is hope in overcoming this yetzer no matter how long they have been nichshal and no matter how low a person thinks he may have sunk. Second, the site has a comprehensive downloadable handbook with practical real-life eitzos on how to overcome this nisayon. Third, it provides daily chizuk emails to help those struggling with the nisayon. Fourth, there are daily anonymous phone conferences run by members who understand the nisayon (they've been there themselves but have worked their way clean), where users can interact with fellow members to discuss their day-to-day issues and steps to avoid further michsholim. I can go on.

Suffice it to say that since I joined the site, my life and my marriage have all improved for the better and I feel for the first time that I can approach the Yemei Din with having taken a concrete step for change.

If you have ever been nichshal in the nisyanos of the internet, I urge you to visit this site. Your life will never be the same.

Signed, An anonymous member of GYE