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I Have a Better Plan

A member of Duvid Chaim's group was inspired by one of the call sessions to write the following poem:

GYE Corp. Sunday, 29 January 2012

The world can sit back and relax
Can put their mind at rest.
Stop arguing and bickering
Who's better and who's best.
I've found a great solution
And I'll do it if I can.
Don't worry, world, I have arrived
I have a better plan!

I'll solve all of the problems
(If the problem isn't me).
Just as long as I am happy
I'll be helpful as can be.
If it serves my whim or fancy
I'll ignore most every man.
Do you need me? I am busy
See, I have a better plan.

I feel good when I'm in power
I'll control all that we do.
But if something seems to go awry
The blame's on you-know-who.
Everyone should stand and listen
From L.A. until Japan,
I want some more respect
Because I have a better plan.

WHAT?? The world can run without me?
That's impossibly untrue!
How dare you mock my awesomeness?
I'm much greater than you!
My dreams are all just fantasy?
My life's falling apart?
Well maybe I'll think things over
and start a brand new start.
I guess there's Someone greater
Who was there since time began.
I think that I'll stop struggling
And live by His master plan!