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Hashiveinu - even at the last moment

obormottel Monday, 18 September 2017

Rabbi Dov Bensoussan spoke recently about how Hashem is a "Rotze b'Tshuva" and sometimes we merit to see how He puts the opportunity to do Teshuva right in front of us. He related the story of a young man who was, unfortunately, traveling to a private place with a non-Jewish girl. They parked and were walking to their destination when he realized he had left his wallet in the car. They turned around and headed back towards the car, but could not find it. After walking around for quite some time, he asked the woman to go ahead and get things ready while he searches for the car. As he was walking, now alone, he noticed some Lubavitcher boys hanging up a sign: "Hashiveinu Hashem Eilecha V'nashuva." Lo and behold, right below the sign was the car. He looked up and said, "Hashem, I hear you loud and clear". He texted the girl that something had come up and he drove away.