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Hachodesh Hazeh Lachem - The Power of "US"

I received this e-mail from Yosef in SA: (I don't know why, but it brought tears to my eyes)

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I heard on Shabbos, "Ha chodesh ha zeh l'chem" is gematria Mashiach ben David. It doesn't say l'chah (singular) rather l'chem (plural). With the power of us (davka) together, with friends in avoda together, we can have our personal geula.

I've learned so much from the meetings in reaching out to others. Even at work, when I finished a triggering phone call (BELIEVE ME, IT WAS TRIGGERING AND SHE ENJOYED TALKING TO ME!) I was left at my desk, sitting there at work, all worked up!... So I turned to another frum guy next to me, and with the knowledge that every yid has a yetzer hara, and with a smile, I opened up to him straight out... "Hey Zev! Wow, what a phone call"... "Thank G-d I'm married, but WOW! That woman on the phone was really flirtatious! And I see her address, she's close to here!!!"... "My heart is racing to go to her!... Wouldn't I really be crazy to go there?!.. Woooo boy, the yetzer hara is really a wacko!! He even wants me to go ruin my life!.. Whaddu u think about that?! Ha!"

He smiled, probably surprised at such honesty, and said what I knew anyway..

"Hey buddy, we're all in the same boat"..

I saw right away, that although I had fallen so many times in the past, the inclination is equal by all (Zev is not a program member)...

And ALL OF US JEWS are up against the same 'war'.. Which, with friends, is easily won.

When necessary (which is very often), I open up to any relatively close friend about whatever is 'driving me crazy'.

The whole world has B"H, become 'one big meeting' .. Which I imagine is what G-d wants.. 'An entire race of humans striving together, to be close to Him'...