Thursday, 22 March 2012

Give us a decent amount!

by Uri (See all authors)

There was a rich man who unfortunately had his business take a turn for the worse and soon found himself barely feeding his family. He noticed his son one day looking exceptionally sad. When asked why, the son explained as follows, "father, when we had money, we had all the best food - and lots of it. Now all we have is bread. But at least give us a decent amount!"

This is us. We don't have much left to give Hashem, the Beis Hamikdash is no longer here. No korbanos, nothing. All we have left is our tears. Let us not be stingy with them.

"The gates of prayer are locked, but the gates of tears will never be"
- Gemara Brachos

"She cries and cries in the night,with a tear always on her cheek"
- Megillas Eicha

I've been visiting the Kosel a lot in the past week or so, and every time I've been there I have broken down crying. I think I cry because I don't know what to say to Hashem or how to say it. I'm like a child who just wants his Abba to hold him, so he cries.

My friends, do not be afraid to cry. On this forum you have 200+ shoulders to cry on.