Forgiveness begins at home

obormottel Tuesday, 03 October 2017

Throughout Yom Kippur, we talk about our sins and how we've pushed ourselves away from Hashem and grown far from Him. We then ask for forgiveness not only from Hashem but from anyone that we've ever hurt in any way. But as I was davening I thought about something my Rebbe told me: the first step of Teshuva, before regret, before resolving not to do it again, is forgiving yourself. Because how can Hashem forgive if you don't forgive yourself? You can't be hurting yourself. You have to forgive yourself and realize that you are only human and it's natural to make mistakes. You can't put yourself down because of your past, you have to create a new future.

You're on the right path and you're working on it. You're doing your best. Our sins are behind us, and we're paving the way for lives of getting closer to Hashem. May we all have a successful year.