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Fire on Har HaCarmel

GYE Corp. Monday, 19 December 2011

There's a raging fire in Israel now on Har HaCarmel where over 40 people lost their lives yesterday. I was reminded of another fire on Har HaCarmel, many years ago. The Pasuk in Melachim Alef (18:38) says:

"And the fire of Hashem came down and ate the sacrifice and the wood and the stones and the dirt and the water that was in the trough it licked. And the whole nation saw and fell on their faces and proclaimed "Hashem is G-d, Hashem is G-d!"

Perhaps Hashem is sending us a message, as Eliyahu Hanavi told the Jewish people back then: "Until when will you hold on to both sides of the stick? If G-d is G-d, then go after Him. And if the Ba'al (idol) then go after him!"

We can't continue living double lives, serving both G-d and lust at the same time.

Let us take this message from the burnt-sacrifices of our holy brothers and declare once and for all: "Hashem is G-d, Hashem is G-d!"