Thursday, 27 October 2016

Faithful Servants

By Betzalel

by GYE Member (See all authors)

What does it mean to serve?

Does this question touch a nerve?

You got some nerve!

To ask me to serve

You want me to be your slave?

Do you want me to build you a cave?

Or dig a grave?

Yea for you, I will dig a grave!

Go away!

Hide in a cave!

I am for me

Can't you see?

I'm a bee

I take for me

I take for me

And then I'm xyz

I'm gone







When I'm for me

I'm dead can't you see

There is some glee

But then it turns to jelly

Sick in my belly

I feel me

I feel it

Yet all I feel is pain

And shame

And blame

It's all same

I'm out to the rases

To Hell and beyond

Yet they say

When I look outside my of glasses

I look and see the masses

The world that I never knew

I didn't have a clue

That in becoming of service

Put me back in service

I started to serve

A little bit

My shame and blame

All seemed so lame

This is fun

It's like a game

I will never be the same

GYE Admin