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Don't Get on the Wrong Train

Writing to a single who was feeling weak:

GYE Corp. Sunday, 12 February 2012

When you get to Penn Station in NYC, sometimes, when there are a lot of trains, they will put an Amtrack train on the track right over from a LIRR train. They share the same platform. You get on the platform and the two trains are standing a few feet from each other. The people on each train see each other and they can wave and smile at each other. It is so easy to jump from one to the next. All it takes is a 5 second hop across the platform. Track 13 to track 14. So easy.

But then the trains begin to leave Penn Station. One is headed east to Ronkonkoma. The other? South, to Virginia. In 10 minutes they will be hundreds of miles apart. In a half hour? You'll have to take a plane to get from one to the next. If you get on the wrong train in Penn Station, all it takes is 20 minutes and you're in some serious trouble.

Don't get on the wrong train. Please.

You're standing at the dawn of adulthood. Soon enough (despite your disbelief), your life will be kickin-it in full gear. It is NOW that you need to make sure to get on the right train. Because if you don't tackle the addiction now, you will wrestle with it until you do. And it will bring you to the darkest deepest caves of hell. And to untangle the mess later will be much harder.

So let's go! Don't fall today. That's all. Just today.