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Does it get better?

obormottel Monday, 25 December 2017

Let's see. If you're used to not having any amount of significant days of sobriety and now you're accumulating hundreds of days clean, what does that mean? Just like gamblers or drug addicts, after a certain time in the program, they only go to a meeting once a week (instead of every day) - that indicates that after a certain point, less aggressive intervention is needed to continue to be sober. That's exciting. Feel it - believe in it - it's a fact. (Of course, there are exceptions but why should you think that you are not part of the majority?)

That being said, we never graduate from being considered "recovering" to being cured. We always have that hovering upon us.

Do you remember the famous question on why the NACHASH is considered cursed if in reality his nature is changed after the sin and AFAR is his food - now, he need not exert as much effort to get food, there is plenty all over the place? In fact, it sounds like a blessing. Our Chachomim say that the curse is the very fact he has it so easy. He no longer is forced to turn to Hashem to ask for sustenance. The same question is on Eretz Yisroel - why is it considered such a blessed land if, in fact, ample rainfall is never certain? Again, this forces us to turn to the Almighty for assistance. This keeps our relationship current throughout our journey in this world.

My dear friends - as we are all so acutely aware - a fall is always only a step away (by the way - in Pirkei Avos it states a person should never be certain of themselves until the day of death - so this insecurity of perhaps falling applies to all Jews - not only addictive personalities) - but precisely because of the apprehension of a possible failure - our relationship with Hashem must always be current.

Are we not in fact blessed?