Sunday, 18 December 2011

Do Teshuvah While You Still Have Bechirah!

by Jack (See all authors)

By "Jack" (whose story appears here):

Two years ago, Reb Guard told me to heal myself while I still have bechira in the matter, because there will come a time when my bechira will disappear, and then healing will not be a result of my work - and therefore not worth so much. What he was talking about was menopause, because then I will no longer have to be abstinent. Well, something similar happened to me recently (just last month). I lost my ability. I now have to take pills if I want to be with my wife (at $9 a pop). Baruch Hashem I am clean ever since I joined GYE. Guard was right - I worked on healing myself just 2 years before I don't have to work on it anymore - I'm no longer a ba'al bechira in this matter.

The message is clear: Healing is much more worthwhile when we are baalei bechira than when it is forced upon us by Hashem.

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