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A Welcome to a New Comer

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 04 January 2012

Welcome! My experience is, and every veterano on this cite affirms, that there's no beating this addiction. Most of us here are lust addicts. And even though things can settle down, and we come closer to Hashem, and begin doing for and thinking about others, and even though we don't act out for very long amounts of time, we may always have the urge, and we all have our ups and downs.

So we try to take this a day at a time. We learn to notice things, about ourselves and about our addiction, and about our relationship to Hashem and to others.

This is not an easy journey. But there are so many wonderful guys here, so many goofballs and Rebeim, and goofball Rabeim, and the going is more gentle than you might imagine.

I wish you closeness to Hashem that you know He's there right next to you. Like He's in the room. And when we give ourselves to Him, then we know real love, what we were looking for in our lust.