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A Tzaddik's Promise

obormottel Sunday, 17 April 2016

On Rosh Hashana, 18 months ago, my rebbe - Rav Shalom Arush, author of Garden of Emuna, a famous tzadik with many hundreds of Talmudim - announced: "Whoever gives me his iPhone to dispose of, I will give him any bracha he wants, and I assure him it will be fulfilled."
Motzei Rosh Hashana I brought him my iPhone. While handing it over, I told him that I have filters on it and have no access to Internet other than a whitelist of Torah sites.
He gave me my phone back and asked me what bracha I want. I asked for a bracha that my girls should have yiras shamayim. He said: "You haven't got boys? You should have a son." (He benched the girls, too, as requested).
Anyways, my wife duly became pregnant, and I had no doubt what gender the baby would be.
Meanwhile, there was one problem: I entered a bad cycle and got back into internet pornography including on my phone by virtue of my wife unwittingly unblocking the app feature.
Last week, my wife gave birth to a son. On Erev Shabbat, the phone malfunctioned through water exposure, and as Shabbat came in, I resigned myself to the fact that the phone was finished.
Meanwhile, over Shabbat I recalled my rebbe's blessing, the conditions under which it had been made, and how I had broken my end of the bargain. And I realised that instead of revoking His blessing, G-d in His kindness had broken my phone - just in time for the bris!
But the story doesn't end here. This Motzei Shabbat, before leaving Shul, I approached my rav (who knows my challenges) and asked him if he will take on the password for my phone so that I shouldn't fall into the trap I had over the past months.
I got home, did havdala and later checked my phone. It was now working perfectly.