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A chance to be a real "Tzaddik"

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 08 May 2012

If G-d has given you these struggles he is saying to you "I don't want you just to be an average Jew like everyone else, I am giving you a chance to be a real "Tzaddik".


One member wrote:

"In retrospect, I have to thank G-d for all the struggles he gave me in breaking free of this addiction. As a former addict, I was, and still am, very sensitive to any type of sexual stimulation or arousal and therefore I had no choice but to learn to guard my eyes very carefully. I forced myself to stop watching movies. I got a strong internet filter which works on a "white-list" and doesn't let me access all the sites that I used to waste time with. I don't open non-Jewish magazines and I am careful not to go to places where women are dressed immodestly. Besides this being the only way I could truly break free, I have also become a much more focused human being and waste so much less time. I am able to connect to G-d today on a much deeper level and feel so much purer. So it turns out that this struggle was a blessing for me, because through it, I had no choice but to cut myself off of the entire gentile mindset. No more crazy news sites that talk all day about the latest Hollywood celebrities and their self-centered lives, and no more movies filled with lewd scenes and un-G-dly messages. Another religious Jew might be able to do all these things and still remain sexually clean, but I believe that someone who lets himself be so involved in the non-Jewish mindset of western civilization today--which is all about "self-gratification"--won't be able to truly connect with G-d. And the real truth is, that I too would not have had the strength to let go of all this just for the sake of being a better human being. But because I was forced to leave all this behind in order to truly break free of my problem, I am so thankful to G-d and I feel that today I am able to be on a much higher level than I used to be."