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Unavoidable Mistakes

the.guard Wednesday, 17 June 2020
Unavoidable Mistakes

And they cried that night…

Bit of a depressing story really.

We were within a hop skip & jump away from getting into Eretz Yisroel- then boom! Everyone has to die in the wilderness; weeping for one night means the destruction of both temples; exiles, holocausts, battles and losses.

One mess up- and all this!

A similar thing happened on the very first Friday afternoon- you know how erev Shabbos is…

Adam HaRishon was on the verge of the Geula Sheleima (complete redemption)- and one mistake causes no end of trouble! Being thrown out of Gan Eden, having an internal Yetser Hara, 6,000 years of really hard work, trouble, arguments and all sorts of unpleasantness.

Much has been written about fixing up the damage caused by our mistakes.

But what about our attitude to mistakes generally? And huge mistakes that cause untold damage specifically?

So here’s an idea:




Yeah, I know we have unbelievable potential. But listen.

Adam Harishon was doing pretty much his best. The Jewish people were doing pretty much their best.

Mistakes are part of life. Some mistakes are avoidable. Some are definitely unavoidable.

You know which ones are unavoidable?


Any mistake that already happened is unavoidable!

What’s a mistake? An opportunity to start again more intelligently.

No one has ever succeeded without first failing many times.

That’s how we humans work.

We try

We fail

We learn from our mistakes

We try again.

Success is built on experience.

And experience is built on failures.

The Meraglim may have failed back then.

But we can learn not to make the same mistakes that they did.

(Listen to the boost message above to learn how we can avoid their mistakes).