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The Battle of the Generation

testchart1 Monday, 19 October 2020
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Our challenges are our opportunity to reach phenomenal heights! Reaching greatness through fighting valiantly in this difficult battle is the destiny Hashem has chosen for us! This is why Hashem gave us such difficult challenges.

We must realize that these challenges mean we can do what has never been done before in history. These are challenges and opportunities that Hashem has trusted only our generation with. If we can succeed despite what lures us to do wrong, we will achieve unmatched success.

We learn from Palti that our chances increase dramatically if we have the proper attitude toward our challenges. Palti’s excitement was the secret weapon that helped him win his raging battle. It gave him the strength to control his desires because he longed to succeed even more than he wanted to give in. Because his excitement was stronger than his desire, he was able to attain mastery over himself.

We must not forget this, no matter how much the yetzer hara starts up with us. The yetzer hara tries to make us feel guilty to debilitate us. He tries to give us a negative attitude to make us depressed. He tells us we are doomed to be failures. At the very least, he tries to convince us that we are insignificant and incapable of reaching greatness. Instead of listening to him, we must stand up against his lies. We must remind ourselves that this is our opportunity, the greatest opportunity there ever was. It is not a trap to get us to mess up. It is what we were put on the planet for!

When the yetzer hara disturbs our Torah study and tefillah with desires, we must not view them as an annoyance. Our Torah and tefillah are far more powerful when we succeed despite desires. The point of life is not that nothing ever goes wrong. Such a view will only leave us frustrated. Instead, we must remember that every time we put in even a bit of effort against our desires, we are scoring a major victory!

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to fight this battle because we can succeed and become great. The challenge might be the greatest ever, but that makes it the greatest opportunity ever. We have to realize this and be motivated rather than depressed.

It is incredible that we can reach unprecedented heights for eternity by prevailing in this challenge. If we remember this, we will buzz with excitement, and we will achieve brilliant accomplishments that will shine forever when we defeat the yetzer hara in the battle of the generation.

Quick Recap:

  • Hashem granted us an unprecedented opportunity to reach greatness by creating this intense battle against desire.

  • “Is it (whatever it is) hard for me? Then success in that area will be incredible!”
  • The secret weapon in the battle against desire and in all areas of spiritual growth is the desire to succeed and reach greatness.

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