Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lachafshi Yishalchenu Tachas Aino

by Yosef Hatzadik (See all authors)

V'chi yakkeh ish ess ein avdo oi ess ein amoso v'shichasah lachafshi y'shalchenu tachas eino
and if a man will strike the eye of his servant or of his maidservant and ruin it, they shall be sent free in place of their eye. (21:26)

Al derech remez:

V'chi yakkeh ish ess ein - If a guy will take hit in his shemiras einayim...

avdo - his avodas Hashem will suffer...

oi - Woe...

ess ein amoso - Ayin ro'eh, halev chomeid, v'klei maaseh gomeres. Oy yoy! His eyes will bring him to Pegam bris (The ever is called "ammah". Yad l'ammah tiktzos!)

v'shichasah - and Hotzo'as zera (V'shicheis artzah), R"L!

L'achafshi yeshalchenu - The fall can bring him to complete "Prikas Ol", R"L.

tachas eino!!!! - We cannot try to claim that we were powerless to stop. The urge was sooooo strong, etc. Ein haleiv sholeit ella b'mah she'ha'ayin ro'eh! It all comes back to our not guarding the eyes! Lapesach chatas roveitz!!!! The sin is with the 1st sip/slip!!! We are held accountable for entering that first gate!!

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