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How can I know if I am an addict or not?

obormottel Tuesday, 15 December 2015

This is a common question, but the answer is simple. Whether you are an addict or not is really not relevant, it's just semantics.

Let me ask you this, if you aren't addicted, why don't you just STOP?

If you feel OUT OF CONTROL (even sometimes).

If you set BOUNDARIES that you cross.

If you say YES when you want to say NO.

If you act in a way that goes against your principles.

Then you are dealing with some level of addiction.

Even if you manage to stay stopped for long periods of time, the fact you keep falling back to it means that there is likely something going on here beyond just a regular "struggle with the Yetzer Hara".

The video on the homepage of can help you decide what LEVEL of addiction you are dealing with and which tools would be best for you to try (blue, orange and red).

Ok, so let's assume you have an addiction. So does that mean you are helpless? Of course not! Although we may be powerless over the addiction, that does not absolve us from responsibility to deal with it AT ALL. For example, if someone has diabetes, they may be powerless over the disease but they are fully responsible to take their insulin! The tools available on our website (such as the TaPHSiC method and the 12-Step program) give us a simple set of steps to take, which, if done properly, return us to sanity and sobriety. Like a farmer with his crops; he will till, plant, water and pull the weeds, but ultimately the growth of the crops is in G-d's hands. The farmer may be powerless over the fruition of his plants, but he needs do whatever it takes from his side and leave the rest to G-d. That is how it works with addiction. On GYE you will learn how to plant, nurture and pull out the bad so that G-d can do for us what we could not do for ourselves.