Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Old Way vs. The New Way

by Dov (See all authors)

This recovery thing is about recognizing the facts as they truly are about ourselves, accepting them as the way we are and accepting what we are given to work with by Hashem, and now moving forward - working with our real selves rather than just fighting and denying our real selves.

Though the ultimate goal in both our old and new approaches may be identical (to be different and better), it is a different avodah entirely.

The old way is flexing our muscles (yup, frumly as we dress it up, that's what it's all about)... the new way is about becoming truly ready to allow Hashem to remove our craziness when we admit it and take steps to think and react differently. Our steps cannot possibly work ... but we do it with faith in Hashem's love for us and in His Power.

The old way has a schedule (in our minds) with expectations for the way it is 'supposed to be' and by when ... the new way is on His schedule.

The old way is filled with frustration and pain ... the new way is about trust and patience and hard work.

The old way may be more tempting, but hey - did it work very well? I don't think so.