Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Moment of Truth

by Dov (See all authors)

It is just plain truth that the drunk laying in his own vomit in the street after being thrown out of his home for so long that he cannot remember his kids' names, is actually one of the luckiest people in the whole world - at the moment that he clearly and finally realizes that he does not really have to drink any more. That he really cannot fight it ever again, but can still be freed of it and live without it. That there is such a thing as a G-d in the world with him, and that He can help him....the drunk. That drunks like him do get sober.

I believe that the poor prusteh, inner city homeboy who is hopelessly hooked on heroin, prostitutes, and crack, goes through the same exact process that a 'white-collar' lust addict goes through. The recovery is exactly the same for the Rov of a shul who I know who was doing the very same stuff as that heathen. No difference between yid and goy at all, at this stage. That is why I have hugged and cried with them as brothers in this, just as I have with sweet yidden with this machalah. It is the same letting go, no difference. The same pain. The same desperation for 'just another chance to try and manage his life with my sweet pacifier' comes back and tortures us.

G-d offers his friendship and love to each person. Most people do not take it, because they do not need it! They are 'millionaires' - they have what they need to be comfortable. Yet we addicts struggle to get what we need - we just cannot be satisfied with this life! We seem to be programmed with a big hole in our gut that normal, run-of-the-mill life cannot fill. And others waste their time telling us that normal life should fill us. Well, it doesn't.

And the sooner we agree to stop trying to live a 'normal' life (only externally, of course) - and finding it unbearable - the sooner we start to finally get better.

As long as you stay in the truth, ignoring whether it sounds honorable or not, Hashem will put His signature on everything you try to do, and really help you. Chessed shel Emess. His Chessed, for your Emess.