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The Fake Me vs. The Real Me

GYE Corp. Friday, 06 January 2012

It is so humbling to read a post from Dov. He says it like it is, and is so on target. I think the thing that impresses me the most and gives me the most hope, is that Dov is so comfortable with who he is.

For me, the first step towards recovery was admitting that who I really was. By separating the "now me" from the "real me" I was able to attack the "fake me" because it wasn't me!!!

Look at yourself in the mirror. See the person you have become. Now close your eyes and see the person you used to be, or at least the person you want to be. Acknowledge your mistakes and your negative addictive behavior. Admit that you are hopelessly addicted, and then decide to commit yourself to stay in the ring as long as necessary to fight this thing to the bitter end. IT IS DOABLE - DOV IS LIVING PROOF - But if what you're doing aint working, you gotta start doing something that will work!

If you are sincerely looking to try EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to get control over this addiction, the rest is up to Hashem. And He's done more difficult things!