Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Concepts Behind the Steps

To someone who was having trouble swallowing the 12-Steps:

by Dov (See all authors)

Maybe consider not using the words of the 12 steps, but the concepts behind them. Some people like the idea that Torah recognizes we have problems, mental or spiritual illnesses. The RMB"M describes basically every person as being a bit mentally ill... He calls it "choloei hanefesh" in Sh'moneh P'rakim.

Generally, I think if it is said right, be"H, many people like to know that G-d understands them and is patient with them, rather than that He is only there to hold up a standard against them and shake His head.... He knows that "Ein kedushasi K'kidusaschem"! But He did not create us just to 'get by' and to eat so that we can work - so that we can eat...

To me, the steps are Derech Eretz, and rich enough to give without referring directly to them...