Thursday, 09 February 2012

The Bright Colors of Sedom

Adapted from an article by Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz over here.

by Lipschutz, Rabbi Pinchos (See all authors)

The posuk relates that Lot saw that the Kikar Hayardein was blessed with fertile abundance and chose it as the area where he would settle. He was looking for a quick fix. He left the company of Avrohom, the holiest and kindest man alive, to go live among the most wicked and selfish people ever to walk the earth.

We are all affected by outer appearances. Promises of instant gratification tempt many people. The things we chase after may not be good for us, but we don't admit that. We rationalize and fall prey to the lure of Sedom. The glitter dazzles us and blinds us to what lies beneath the veneer.

We look out at the beautiful foliage and comment on how gorgeous the trees are. All summer long, they seem bland; they are all the same color. But with fall, the trees change to brilliant red, bright orange and yellow. Warm brown hues emerge and we are all taken by the blast of beauty. But it doesn't last long. The colorful exhibition is a signal that the end is coming. The brilliant red means that the leaves are about to die, fall off and be swept away to eternal oblivion.

As long as the leaves are green, we know that they will live and endure. The bright colors are a sign that they are about to meet the fate of Sedom and all of Lot's friends and neighbors there.

Let's not fall prey to the bright colors and glitter of Sedom!

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