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Taming the Beast

testchart1 Thursday, 23 April 2020
Taming the Beast

Transcript of GYE Boost #548

Chametz on Pesach equals poison, a very strong poison. It’s not even nullified in 1000 parts and any derivative of chametz is also chametz. Our sages compare it to the Yetzer Hara and we are all working very hard to rid it from our homes and to rid it from our lives, so the question is, if chametz which is comprised of any of the five grains (wheat, barley, oat, spelt & rye), having come in contact with water, if it's so dangerous and so deleterious, why on the holy night of the Pesach seder are we required to eat matza which is made of the same five grains having come in contact with water.

It could be that that is the key to freedom. We don't run away from and retreat from negativity, rather we embrace it, we discipline and we employ it for the ultimate good.