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Real Love

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 14 December 2011

(24:67) 'vayikach es rivkoh, vatehi loi le'isho vaye'ehoveho - and he took Rivka and she became his wife and he loved her'. One can be learn from the order of the words. In Western society, and certainly us as addicts, we go for the notion of falling in love head over heals, being swept off our feet, and then getting married. WRONG!

The Torah is teaching us, that first we get married and then we come to love our wives. Because whatever comes before marriage is not real, it's lust mixed in with an emotional attraction. Real love comes from living and building and connecting with our wives. It's davka real life that leads us to love them, not fantasies. That's why Yitschak only loved her after they were already married.

Bride and Broom