Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Normal vs. Useful

by Dov (See all authors)

It is normal to have both a need for affection and to have lust for sex! In fact, even though it is completely ossur, perhaps it is even within the realm of "normal" to have a lust for sex with someone other than your wife once in a while! The Torah's requirement is not to be lust free, but not to go after the lust that you discover yourself having.

But does the fact that it is 'normal' make it actually useful in real life? Not for me. And for a sexaholic there is an additional issue: Even if it is acceptable and works for a normal person, does it work for a sexaholic? As an addict, using lust is intolerable to me, cuz it will make me meshugah, all full of myself and crazy, and useless... and it only gets worse from there! Thank-G-d I am sober today!

Now, what do we do with our useless - or destructive - feelings? See the steps if you are so inclined, for the answers are all there - and simple, but the only way in is through step 1. The steps are not a 'self-help guide' for the curious - it is a treatment for a progressive chronic and terminal illness for the desperate.