Tuesday, 03 January 2012

No One Can Give Me Lust if I Don't Use It

To someone complaining about the billboards and images all around us in today's society, Dov responds:

by Dov (See all authors)

I was just in Manhattan, and definitely empathize, but the salvation for me is to come to truly believe and remind myself that no matter how juicy and outrageous the images of those women are, the problem - if I have one, is in me, not ever in them.

No matter how lusty she may look - she isn't lust itself. I am the one experiencing the lust. Nobody can give me lust if I do not use them. In a way, they are the victims, not I. And concerning myself with their intentions (whether they are bad for dressing that way and why they do it) is poison sh'ein kamohu for me, as it is nothing but a cheap and easy way to excuse lusting after them.

Agree... disagree... I don't care. Have a great day and hatzlocha I love all Yidden, especially the ones with lust problems!