Saturday, 31 December 2011

Making That Call

by Dov (See all authors)

Nu. Sometimes we just get the crap beaten out of us with a walk through the streets.... I guess that as long as I make a call to a 'more or less' sane recovery person to admit it so that I can let go of it and get back to real life and whatever it was that I was doing before I got distracted, it ain't gonna hurt me for keeps. Perfection will get me nowhere.


Along similar lines, Dov writes to another person:

Have you phoned a person yet, at such a moment, in order to say, "A scantily clad woman walked by me and I have followed her down one aisle in the supermarket already. I cannot get her hair out of my mind and she is all I am thinking about. I forgot how many artichokes my wife asked me to buy... or was it pampers? Uh-oh."? if not, then read the following:

If you are not comfortable enough to call up a person when feeling the wacky urge, then what gives you the idea that your act of asking Hashem for help is actually real? This is what the 2nd step is about. Who is this G-d we are talking about and who isn't He?

If you do make such calls to real people already, then you know what giving it up means... so I'd ask you: are you giving it up when you make the call, or doing something else entirely?