Letting Go is Hard

obormottel Wednesday, 20 May 2015

This had happened a while ago in Manhattan:

Do you know that doors of a subway train do not open unless the conductor in the middle car presses the button? They do NOT act like an elevator's doors - if you stick your hand in an elevator while the doors are closing, there is an electric eye that detects your hand and the doors open.

It happened once that a woman on the subway platform got her handbag stuck in the doors of a train as it was pulling out. She didn't let go. The train was moving, and she was running alongside with her hand wrapped firmly on the strap of her handbag. The train was speeding up and she rammed her head into a metal column holding up the underground train station.

And then she died. How sad!

Let's say she was holding the winning lottery ticket that paid a lump sum in the millions. Was it still worth it? All she had to do was let go - and she would be alive today. But letting go is SOOO hard - don't I know it!

To an addict, this story probably would not even make a dent in their determination to keep drugging.

But can't we learn at least a LITTLE from this tragic story?!