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Let Go and Let Purple Bunny (??!)

Most guys in SA see their higher power as "Yushka"?!

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How can I go to these SA groups when most of the guys there are thinking of their higher power as Yushka? Let's say there were people who believed god was a 12 foot purple bunny that can do magic, turn cool aid into whiskey and walk on water, would that work as their "Higher Power" too?

Dov Responds:

Now, wait a purple cotton-tailed-pickin'-minute!

Among the compunctions I have heard from some people about 12-step meetings is the incomprehensibility that "a yid - a talmid chochom yet" - might go to learn about G-d from a bunch of heathens. (The fact that the yid - a talmid chochom yet - might be engaging daily in sex with self, massage parlors, exposure, schmutz-by-the-hour-on-the-internet when "no one" is watching, lying to the spouse and everyone else for alibis, etc... that doesn't disqualify him as "a yid - a talmid chochom yet"... nu. Hah. To me, that's really purple-bunny-rabbit-thinking! Of course I did that for years, too!)

The meetings are not exclusive to our coreligionists. They will treat goyim and yiddin as equals. Catholics and Mormons (who each believe the other is going to hell), yiddin and atheists, Republicans and Communists (Oops! I meant Democrats, sorry!), Muslims and Moslems (?)... all are under a common denominator: humans powerless to win al derech ha-teva. They teach each other how to let go of their own power and admit they are not G-d and neither is the woman, man, or body-part that they were always revering! Then they give members the room to pick their own G-d and help them become an emloyee of that Higher Power, putting their will and lives in It's care, not theirs. All along, not asking them exactly how they define "G-d"! The only issue faced in the Program is that I am not G-d and neither is alcohol, heroin, Lust, Crack, anger, fear, or anything else that is destructive to me.

Technically, the meetings are secular. Spiritual but not religious. If you look up the definition of secular, you will see AA/SA, as I experienced it. It doesn't teach us anything at all, about G-d. Nothing. It teaches us about ourselves, and that's apparently enough to let G-d in. Boruch Hashem, I found recovery in a secular program. There was room for a frum yid, and I can share it with anybody! And I do!

And remember: don't think so much! :-)