Monday, 26 December 2011

Help, I Found a Way to Bypass My Filter!

by Dov (See all authors)

Someone wrote to Dov:

Someone mentioned to me a way to bypass my filter and I was dumb enough to try it out. I guess I haven't had enough pain yet. G-d help me. I'm not in such a great state now, it's not easy knowing that even the good filter system that I have is basically worthless. Suddenly my struggle has been taken up a notch. G-d, doesn't the Satan have any boundaries anymore?

Dov Replies:

I have no business using the internet for anything but what is actually helpful for our Work/work. I tell people that if they are going to test their filter in any way at all, they might as well not bother using a filter. The only reason I got a filter put on my computer (last month) is because it occurred to me that the reason I was not going with a filter is because I considered myself 'above those things'. That gayva alone will mess me up, so I put k-9 on my computer after months of slip-free internet use visiting, on and off, at my parents house alone and upstairs (and they had no idea how to even turn on the computer).

The filter does not protect us, period - only recovery does, and recovery is integrity, usefulness and intimacy with G-d, myself and other people.