Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Give it to Him, Get it Back

by Dov (See all authors)

B"H for recovery... I remember well how, when lust was pretty much in charge of my life, my kids were basically just another pain in the behind! I would not have admitted that at the time, of course, but some stuff drove me crazy and I wondered why... only to discover my dirty secret in recovery years later.

In recovery I started to see them as Hashem's kids, rather than mine. It made it easier to accept the burden...

And within a short time, I found that I had naturally accepted them as my own!

When we give our stuff away to Him, it seems that He tends to give it all back to us, and rather quickly! Then it's finally really ours - and we act like it!

BTW, this is the Gemora's explanation the Pasuk "Hashamayim Shamayim LaHashem, Ve'Ha'aretz Nasan Livnei Adam", that before the bracha it belongs to Hashem, and after the Bracha to us.