Sunday, 25 December 2011

Beginning Recovery

by Duvid Chaim (See all authors)

In the Doctor's opinion of the Big Book, we learned that that our disease is an "allergy" - meaning that our disease is actually out of our control, that we aren't bad or immoral or sinful people, but that we are under the effects of a disease - not only physical but also spiritual and mental. Accordingly, the pathway to our freedom from the disease is a spiritual one - one that implies that our efforts should be directed towards becoming more "aware" and connected of Hashem in our lives.

That's why we discussed The A&W Moments (Awe and Wonder) as a way to stay "connected." We need to learn to build our awareness of how G-d's hand is in our daily lives. It could be as small as realizing how blessed we are to go to the bathroom or as major as seeing how we barely missed a car that had stopped in front of us without warning. It could be the smell of a freshly bloomed rose, or seeing the sun set over the ocean.

There are lots of awesome moments full of wonder that come into our life that we ignore or overlook. PLEASE take time today to see or feel them.

The 5 Attributes of a Man in Recovery are:

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