Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Turn Off

A little contrevercial, but...

Thank you very much to whoever put together the "emergency turn off" pages. Watching the holocaust to break free from lust is amazing. Incredible and disgusting. Watching it just shakes me up for the day. Well done.

holocaust video https://gye.vids.io/videos/7999ddb6181feeccf0/who-do-we-choose-to-work-for

remember yom hamisa

isha chavis

rebbi akiva was once jailed and the king gave him 2 zonos, in the morning the zonos told the king rebbi akiva didnt go near them, the king asked rebbi akiva why, "because they smell like 2 dead rats" he responded

ohr hachaim, made maus




Click here for the "Turn-Off" Page

Click here for another "Turn-Off" page (pictures from the Holocaust):

This 4.5 minute video clip from the Holocaust can be used a last resort "Turn-Off" to wake us up to the emptiness of flesh-worship.

Here are a few more eitzos:

1) Get away from the computer

2) Do some physical activity. You'll feel much less lust after taking a jog or doing 20 push-ups

3) Get out of isolation. Call someone else who understands your struggle, or even anyone - just to connect with the real world!

4) Give it up to Hashem. Tell Him you can't do it on your own, it's too strong. Only He can help you.

5) Take deep and slow breaths, breath in serenity, breath out harmful desires...

And remember, what we feel we NEED SO BADLY, is a big lie. We'll do FINE without it once the wave of lust passes. And it always does.

You can do it!!

The Medrash on this week's Parsha says that Pinchas drove his spear straight through their genitals of Zimri and Kuzbi the Midyanite, as they were sinning together. Then, G-d gave Pinchas divine strength and he was able to lift both of their their dead bodies up out of the tent, while still on the spear, for all to see that they had been killed for their sins.

The Holy Ohr Hachaim Hakodesh, whose Yartzeit is tonight, writes that through doing this, Pinchas made the sin of illicit sexual relations look disgusting in the eyes of the Yidden and thereby caused a tremendous Kiddush Hashem.

On a similar note, the Ohr Hachayim writes as well in another place in this weeks Parsha, that G-d commanded the Jews "Tzror es Hamidyanim Ve'hikesem Osam" - meaning, "Make the Midyanim hated in your eyes and destroy everything of theirs". So the Ohr Hachayim asks, why do we need to hate them and destroy everything, why not be able to benefit from the booty of the enemy? And he answers that when it comes to immoral sexual conduct (that the Midyanites caused the Yidden to sin in), the only way for the Jews to receives G-d's forgiveness and atone properly would be if they turn their hearts to hate these sins, and destroy all that is related to it. For as long as the lust of the sins remain alive in a Jew's heart, he cannot properly atone for sins of a sexual nature. Instead, he must try to first arouse a disgust and hatred of these sins in his heart - and then he can achieve a true Teshuvah.