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S-Anon Letters to Rabbonim

Here are some very powerful letters from an S-Anon woman to various Rabbonim, helping them understand the nature of addiction, co-dependency, and the 12-Steps.

(From the book by Rabbi Kaganoff, "Addictions: Halocho and Hashkofo")

obormottel Friday, 24 June 2016

As the result of these letters, an Asifa (gathering) for Rabbonim was convened (summer ’11) in Lakewood. Rabbi Dr. Avrohom J. Twerski presented some basic information concerning addictions to this Asifa. This same summer the “Chosson Rebbes” of BMG were also addressed on this same topic by another mental health professional.

Letters to Mashgiach, RAV MATISYOHU SALOMON, Shlit’a and another prominent Rov.