Monday, 29 August 2011

GYE Seuss

by Reb Yid (See all authors)

GYE's a real good place,
To stop the chase, and slow your pace,
So show your face, and make a case,
just find solace, in this great place.

When things get rough
And they seem tough
Come chill with us
Don't make a fuss
Or scream or cuss
Come truck, don't bus.

And you may trip or clip or snip,
Or take a sip, but please don't slip,
Cause GYE's for you and me,
And for your friend or 2 or 3,
If your mind be,
In fantasy,
Go scratch your knee,
Or plant a tree,
Or sting a bee,
Or scratch a flea
But fall? Who me?
No!! No Siree!!
Just smile with glee
and say with me:

There'll be no lusting in my house,
There'll be no lusting with a mouse, (ugh!!)
Not on a box,
Or with a fox,
or in your sox,
Or on your rocks (for Dov ii)

I will not do it in my car
Or on my bike,
Or at the bar,
Or flying on a shooting star
Or near or far,
Or where you are!!!"

Lusting is TREIF
Like eggs and ham,
I just won't do it
YID I AM!!!!!

Rebbe Dr. Yid Seuss