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Mesiach l'fi tumoi

This testimonial to GYE came into our email from a non-Jewish member. Thank you, Rick, for your kind words!

obormottel Monday, 04 June 2018
Mesiach l'fi tumoi

Dear GYE,

Thank you for your advice and welcome. There is so much help in your fellowship. And that is what I have found to be most helpful in combatting this affliction. I am so grateful to my S-groups and sponsor and sponsees and the whole 12-step community. I am deeply grateful for the spiritual resources of my own faith tradition (Episcopal/Christian). But GYE offers a community committed to a deep contemplation of what my tradition calls "custody of the eyes/heart." I have found that nowhere else, and I am grateful to you all for living into the reality of purity of heart.

The GYE community will be in my grateful daily prayers.


Rick ****