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Awareness is an Inward Focus

the.guard Monday, 27 February 2012

The running theme on our calls for the first step, is bringing ourselves to awareness that we are powerless over our own disease (dis-ease). Some of us have noticed, that no matter what we do with our partners, we are powerless over them. No matter how much we do and how much we try to be boss over him. The same applies to whatever happens around us, with people, relationships or even the weather, we are powerless over it all. Realizing this is the first step to recovery. The second step is to know that we are powerful by admitting it and by making new choices how to deal with matters that are outside of our control.

I am passing to you an article that bring us more clarity on what awareness is. I hope it will help you find more peace and give you more ideas on what to focus on.


Being aware is like breathing, it is fundamental to our every day existence. Without awareness we are moving throughout life without breathe, without direction, without connecting with ourselves and thus others.

Awareness is often mistaken as seeing outward, noticing what others are doing, how they are doing things, how they are stopping us from doing certain activities or stopping us from living our life. Most of our notion of awareness is being aware of others and how they are affecting us.

We sometimes consider ourselves to be very aware beings because we notice everything that people are doing around us.

We notice the achievements of others, we notice the gains of others, and we notice what others have.

We are aware of what our neighbors have that we don‟t have, we are aware of a great relationship someone else has that we don‟t have, we are aware of a career someone else has that we don‟t have, we are aware of a great life another person has that always feels like it was achieved through the loss of our own life.

Our awareness over time turns into wariness, always being wary of what is going on with others around us.

However, awareness is having an inward focus, not an outward focus.

Awareness is knowing how we breathe, knowing the patterns that we have in our everyday life, awareness is understanding our connection to the universe, awareness is knowing our beliefs, our mind, our spirit, our body.